Tom Spry

Executive Search Recruiter and Coach

“Tom’s understanding of people and their intrinsic value would benefit any organization.”
Charles Lundstrom, IQ Natural Labs

Helping stars shine brighter, Tom Spry Executive Search’s mission is to identify, match, and coach stars who fit your vision, execute your key strategies, and deliver above and beyond results in your leadership needs.

We have two areas of focus:
1. Executive match-making: Finding perfect long-term fits for leadership needs and culture.
2. Coaching: Supporting, empowering leaders to shine brightly.

At Tom Spry Executive search, we use tenacity, intuition, and transparency in finding brilliant talent matches for top-level positions of CEO, Executive, Board, and Bench Management. We match to lift culture as well as bring diversity to the C-Suite. Our sharp focus is within the restaurant, hospitality, consumer services, franchising, and retail space.

We empower executives with coaching by increasing the leadership qualities of confidence, insight, shared inspiration, and trust. Our goal is to help seasoned professionals enter seamlessly into new positions and cultures. At Tom Spry, we act as a sounding board and trusted advisor to our clients so they can quickly find “fit”, resonate with, and inspire results that elevate business to the next level.

Tom Spry Executive Search matches to your true needs versus wants. We bring that “wild card” star that fits your viewpoint, experience, and need.

  • Consumer
  • Financial Services
  • Private Equity
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Travel, Hosp. & Leisure