Steve Finder

Managing Director

Steve leads Focus Search Partners’ global defense tech, deep tech, and space tech practice. Steve and his team lead engagements to help clients identify and hire top caliber CEOs, board directors, CFOs, Heads of Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Quality, HR and Operations leaders. Separately, Steve also oversees a team that leads engineering engagements at the mid and entry level for client companies.

Steve is also the Founder and Co-Chairman of The Gram Group, a strategic consulting firm and advisory growth engine for foreign and domestic companies in the US market in the defense tech, deep and space tech sectors. The Gram Group is comprised of experts in product management, go-to-market, manufacturing, finance, capital raising and other key functions to help our portfolio companies succeed and surpass the competition. These experts come from leadership roles in The US Navy, US Airforce, US Department of Homeland Security, The US Secret Service, SpaceX, CIA, AWS, Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, Shell, Siemens, Microsoft, PwC, Boeing, and more.