Rick McDonald

Executive Director

Rick is the Executive Director at Executive Staffing Solutions and manages a team of eleven recruiters, including two Senior Vice Presidents and two Executive Vice Presidents. His dedicated leadership has guided his team to an incredible level of production, including his two Senior Vice Presidents qualifying for the prestigious Pinnacle Association.

Prior to his current leadership role, Rick was an Executive Recruiter in the Managed Care Industry. In his 20 years working in the Managed Care industry, Rick has partnered with many of the largest national Managed Care plans, as well as regional plans. He also has experience partnering with health insurance start-ups, as well as working with socially conscious health plans.

While Rick initially focused on underwriting and finance, he has broadened that focus to all disciplines of managed care – including, sales, contracting, actuarial, operations and medical management. Rick has also been involved with successfully staffing three Health Insurance start-ups, filling the CEO, COO and CFO in all three locations, as well several highly successful, socially conscious Health Plans. In his spare time, Rick likes to attend Ohio State University football games and spend time with his two granddaughters.