Christian Camilo Zarta

Executive Multicultural Recruiter

Camilo Zarta is an Executive Recruiter at De Forest Search with more than nine years of experience in marketing, sales and research across multiple industries.

As the leader of De Forest Search Multicultural division, Camilo focuses on sourcing and filling qualified and accomplished multicultural candidates for leading organizations. De Forest Multicultural division was launched to facilitate the seismic demographic shift in the US. Camilo works closely with progressive companies which seek to benefit from building culturally diverse organizations and help solve the major problem corporations face in hiring today, unintentional bias. In his work with candidates, Camilo leverages his diverse industry knowledge to assist them with understanding the job market, preparing for client interviews and facilitating strong employer matches.

Camilo emigrated to the US from Colombia at a very young age. He learned English independently while moving from Washington DC to Los Angeles and adjusting to a new culture and lifestyle. This experience helped to shape Camilo’s thinking, affording him an insider’s perspective on multiculturalism in basic living as well as in the workplace. This journey instilled the importance responsibility and self-sufficiency (the essentials of succeeding in America), and as well as the importance of diversity and inclusion at the highest corporate level.

Camilo received his undergraduate degree from Georgetown University and a Public Health Certificate from the University of Maryland.