Alyson Archer

Partner and Chief Operating Officer

Based in New York, NY, Alyson Archer is the Chief Operating Officer and a Partner at Catalyst Advisors. She has more than 25 years of professional services experience and oversees the firm’s infrastructure, development and marketing.

Prior to joining Catalyst Advisors at its inception, Alyson was the Director of Global Communications at a major executive recruitment firm, where she led all aspects of internal and external communications across the firm’s 40-plus offices. Previously, she was the Director of Public Relations at Softbank International Ventures, where she developed and executed communications strategies for all of Softbank’s portfolio companies outside of Japan. Earlier, Alyson worked in the marketing department at Bear Stearns, helping position the firm’s clients for initial public offerings and mergers.

Alyson earned a B.A. in Psychology and English Literature from Binghamton University.