IQTalent Partners


IQTalent Partners is a professional services firm that focuses on finding, assessing and hiring key talent for your organization.  We partner with your in-house team, providing support where and when you need it; or provide your complete in-house recruiting function until you ramp up and build your own.

We differ from traditional recruiting firms in that we work as an extension of your team in a professional services model (you pay for the service provided) vs. commission.  Our other key differentiation is our ability to quickly ramp up and ramp down the recruiting efforts as your recruiting needs change.

Our focus area is key talent for your organization – leadership roles, high-level individual contributors, and strategic hiring across the organization.  We measure our impact through the quality of candidates, improved effectiveness and reduced cost for your organization.

Our Services:

  • Bundled Full Life-Cycle Recruiting – A team comprised of a recruiter and sourcing associates that deliver the full life-cycle of recruiting.  We direct the specific combination of hours for recruiter and sourcing associates.  You direct the number of hours for the bundled full life-cycle recruiting.
  • Recruiter only / Executive Recruiting – Identify candidates, obtain contact information, contact, prescreen, screen, and manage the entire process through offer. You direct the number of hours for Recruiting services / Executive Recruiting.  An executive search would be determined by prior agreement between both parties.
  • Sourcing only – Identify candidates, obtain contact information, contact and prescreen.  You direct the number of hours for Sourcing services.

Our Fee:

There is an hourly rate for each service noted above.

The services provided may vary depending on the exact needs of your organization and may be changed during the engagement.  There are no minimum requirements for an engagement, such as number of hours or combination of services you are required to use.

Our Team:

  • David Windley is the President of IQTalent Partners and oversees the firm’s strategic direction and day to day operations. Prior to joining IQTalent Partners, David was the Chief Human Resources Officer at Fusion-io and Yahoo! Inc.
  • Chris Murdock is the Co-Founder and Senior Partner of IQTalent Partners. Chris has over 12 years of executive recruiting experience and leads search execution and client relationships along with supporting searches across the firm.
  • Tom Milic is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of IQTalent Partners. Tom manages the firm’s operations, and leads search execution and client relationships.

Over 60 Team Members providing full-life cycle recruiting, sourcing and research services.