Ascend Executive Search


Our Philosophy:

Better Teams. Better Lives.

Our philosophy is simple. When you have a better team, you live a better life. To build this team, you must have the ability to identify and pursue top talent. Often times, the most talented candidates aren’t looking. They may even be working for your competitor. At Ascend, we deliver the talented passive candidates that aren’t active on the job market.

Our Process:

It’s the process that makes the difference. Ascend integrates old-school headhunting with leading-edge search tactics, data-mining technologies and advanced performance metrics. Our proprietary database and process allows us to deliver targeted passive talent efficiently and effectively.

Our Obligation:

Reputation, relationships and integrity are our top priority. Establishing a positive reputation within the Head Hunting industry, developing and nurturing professional relationships with both clients and candidates, and continuously following through with our commitment to excellence are the three critical pieces to our pie. We pride ourselves on delivering our services with the utmost professionalism, honesty, confidentiality and candor.



Hiring Search Firm

What to Really Consider When Hiring a Search Firm

Organizations justifiably take many criteria into account when considering partnering with an executive search firm. But which ones are the most important? A new report by Mitch Oakley, founder and CEO of search firm Charles Aris, lays out the questions to ask when selecting a recruiting firm for your next big assignment. Various studies have underscored

Here’s 3 Keys to Successful Executive Recruiting

Just about every business publication today, it seems, is talking about the impact of the growing talent shortage on both individual organizations and the overall economy. Research suggests that roughly 40 percent of employers are currently experiencing hiring difficulties. What’s more, 76 percent of hiring decision-makers surveyed for a recent Glass Door report said that


Ascend Launches ScoreSheet™ for Recruiting

ScoreSheet™ is a tool that allows our clients to predict the odds of a candidate’s projected success for a particular role. First we develop a set of tangible and intangible attributes, categorized and weighted according to our clients needs. Then, using data analytics and our proprietary algorithms, we provide a “predictive success index” for each candidate. This

ASCEND Executive Search opens office in Pittsburgh, PA

May 11, 2017 – ASCEND CEO Scott Whipkey, formerly of Upper St. Clair, says, “We’re excited to launch our Pittsburgh practice, and thrilled to have Cathy White at the helm. We’re focusing on IT, Healthcare, Sales/Marketing, Engineering and Finance. We plan to shake things up around Pittsburgh. Our services are much different than what companies in Pittsburgh have come