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We don’t do placements—we align leaders to work that matters.

Y Scouts is a retained executive search firm serving high-growth U.S. & Canada-based health & wellness, cannabis, and SaaS companies. 

Our team of subject matter experts in ‘hiring on purpose’ has shifted the national conversation around the importance of hiring candidates who connect to your company through shared values, vision, and sense of purpose. We’ve flipped the broken vertical model on its side, creating horizontal alignment between leaders and companies.

Bridging the gap between your company’s purpose and a leader’s passions and strengths has proven to be a more accurate predictor of success than the skills, qualifications, and background that form the basis of traditional search efforts.

It’s purposeful, methodical, and driven by empathy—and it works. In short, we’ve created a better way, for a better reason, that achieves better results for our clients and the candidates.

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We don’t do placements. We align leaders and work. Placement is a cold top-down approach, focusing on resumes and filling empty seats. By hiring on purpose, we take the broken vertical model and flip it on its side, creating horizontal alignment between leader and company. We bridge the gap between business’ purpose and a leader’s passions and strengths. It is purposeful and methodical and driven by empathy. It’s why we exist.

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Traditional hiring methods don’t align with the needs of individuals and businesses. We believe today’s hiring process overlooks the human behind the resume, resulting in a detrimental disconnect between business and leader. Applicants have become data points and pieces of paper. Companies can look beyond work experience in choosing a leader. Y Scouts is motivated not by paychecks or resumes, but by finding the right person for the right role, maximizing the impact for both.

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News Briefings

Setting Competitive Salaries for Chief Operating Officers

The name of the game in the recruiting world these days is engaging and retaining top talent. So, in an increasingly competitive market, how do you set a solid chief operating officer salary? In addition to being the CEO’s right arm, the COO is the go-to person when it comes to leading the day-to-day workings

Key to Virtual Executive Recruiting

With more people working from home, it can be a challenge to maintain the right team dynamics, and the cultural glue that holds it all together must be industrial strength. So how do you ensure that you continue to hire the right people? In particular, how do you find the right fit with virtual leadership?

How to Attract More Diverse Candidates to Cannabis Companies

The continuing growth of the cannabis industry has brought with it more scrutiny regarding its operations. According to a newly released report by Y Scouts, this is not a negative point at all. “That’s because the more thought put into the standards and ethics of a business, the better it will thrive for all involved, in

For Cannabis Companies, Aligning C-Suite Leadership is Job One

Cannabis companies face unique challenges as they move through various business stages. Many founders began as growers without extensive business experience and as they move through the business lifecycle into a second-stage start-up, they might realize they need to scale their leadership team, bringing on people who complement their own strengths and weaknesses for a

Press Releases

Y Scouts Team Attends Largest Cannabis Conference in North America

(Oct. 18, 2021) Y Scouts, a retained executive search firm serving high-growth health & wellness, cannabis, and SaaS companies, attended MJBizCon in Las Vegas, Nevada last week. The award-winning show showcases over 250,000 square feet of exhibits, 3-day conference, pre-show forums, and over 140 speakers plus extraordinary networking and partnership-building opportunities. During MJBizCon Y Scouts


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Headset Director of Industry Relations, Jocelyn Sheltraw
Cannabis Industry Leader, Andrew DeAngelo
NORML Founder, Keith Stroup, Esq.
Phoenix Distributors Managing Partner, Chris Finelli
Evo Hemp Co-Founders, Jourdan Samel & Ari Sherman
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