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Kingsley Gate Partners is transforming executive search with the introduction of Synchronous Fit. This framework focuses on improving the Accuracy, Velocity, Transparency and Accountability of our executive searches. Every one of our consultants that serve your needs is an owner of the firm and, therefore, carries the responsibility of the brand on their shoulders. These experienced consultants utilize Synchronous Fit to fuse their credible expert insight with science and technology with one objective in mind–to ensure a lasting fit between you and our placed candidates.

How do we achieve this objective? We first apply the science to our client before we apply it on our candidates. Athena, an online structured interview, is coupled with an Attribute Selector Tool to assist our consultants to rate the candidates on the leadership attributes that you seek in your ideal candidate.

We ensure a lasting fit by arming our experienced search consultants around the world with state-of-the-art cloud based mobile tools. Our frameworks and technology are designed by renowned experts in their fields and are regularly updated to maintain cadence with technology developments. Our proprietary Search Management System–Galaxy–is a mobile-first system with data residing in the cloud.

As our client, you can stay in touch with us any time you want. We have made the weekly status call a redundant exercise by providing Live Status Reports on your mobile device 24X7 through ClientSuite. This interactive mobile portal permits you to check on the status of the search from your phone at anytime and anywhere.

All of the above result in dramatic improvement of these four factors – ACCURACY, VELOCITY, TRANSPARENCY & ACCOUNTABILITY.

What is Synchronous Fit?

Synchronous Fit® is a proprietary Kingsley Gate Partners® framework that results in a perfect fit between client and candidate. It complements the objectivity of an exclusive profiling and assessment process with the deep human insight of expert search consultants. We believe that it is unwise to measure the hand (the candidate) before measuring the glove (the client). The first step of Synchronous Fit® is the development of the Synchronous Fit Profile® Agreement.

A Synchronous Fit Profile® is created prior to the commencement of the search using simple-to-use proprietary tools that result in a template that details desired skills and attributes in the ideal candidate. A predetermined rating system is established through an iterative discovery process between the search consultant and the client. The Synchronous Fit Profile® is used to holistically measure the candidate’s likelihood to succeed in the role.

Using the predetermined rating system, our Synchronous Fit process uses our platforms and features infused with expert human insight to arrive at a score for each candidate called the Fit Quotient (FQ). This helps the client in stack ranking the candidates from a holistic point of view as opposed to being swayed by either a strong resume or a dynamic personality. A high FQ results in a lasting successful fit.


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Kingsley Gate Partners is comprised of actual shareholders of the firm who lead and execute searches across the globe. As our client, you can rest assured that your search is in the hands of leaders and owners who are accountable, and possess the authority to garner all necessary resources to ensure successful search completion. Kingsley Gate Partners® is not a firm that merely searches for your candidate. We are a firm that finds the one that will have a lasting fit with your organization.

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  • Board Services
  • Executive Search
  • Advertising/Marketing
  • Aerospace/Defense
  • Asset Management
  • Biotechnology
  • Commercial Banking
  • Construction
  • Consumer
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Government
  • Healthcare Services
  • Hedge Funds
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  • Insurance
  • Investment Banking
  • Legal/Compliance
  • Life Sci./Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Mobile
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  • Private Equity
  • Professional Services
  • Sovereign Wealth
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  • Travel, Hosp. & Leisure
  • Venture Capital
  • Wealth Management
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  • Human Resources
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  • Marketing & Sales

News Briefings

Kingsley Gate Partners Names Leader of Financial Services Practice for the Middle East and Asia-Pacific

Private equity-backed Kingsley Gate Partners has expanded with the addition of Firoze Patel as head of the financial services practice for the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions. He will be based in Dubai. “We are thrilled to have Firoze join the Kingsley Gate team,” said Umesh Ramakrishnan, CEO. “With his wealth of search experience and credibility in

Kingsley Gate Partners Acquires The Omerta Group

Private equity-backed Kingsley Gate Partners has acquired London-headquartered The Omerta Group (TOG), an executive search firm specializing in financial services. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. “To have a truly global financial services practice, you must be in three locations: New York, London, and Hong Kong,” said Umesh Ramakrishnan, CEO of Kingsley Gate Partners.

Will Hot M&A Recruiting Market Cool and Reset Valuations?

Acquisitions made big news in the recruiting industry this year, and for good reason. Outside investors finally caught on to the sector’s expansion potential and long growth runway ahead. Top search leaders also found ways to maximize profit (cutting back on office space helped every search firm achieve a better bottom line in 2022). That

Kingsley Gate Partners Expands in London

Private equity-backed Kingsley Gate Partners has expanded in London with the addition of Amanda Pitt as a partner. “We are truly excited to welcome Amanda into the team,” said Francesca d’Arcangeli, global chief operating officer for Kingsley Gate Partners. “Amanda builds on our strength in technology and digital, bringing a wealth of experience in multiplatform marketing

Press Releases

Aaron Mitchell Finegold Joins Kingsley Gate Partners as Chief Marketing Officer

New York – October 19, 2022 – Kingsley Gate Partners, a global executive search firm that is private-equity backed, tech-enabled, and rapidly expanding worldwide, today announced that Aaron Mitchell Finegold has joined the firm as Chief Marketing Officer. Based in San Francisco, he will oversee the firm’s full-funnel marketing strategy, external communications, and investment in business-critical

Saurabh Gupta Joins Kingsley Gate Partners as Chief Digital Officer

New York – September 28, 2022 – Kingsley Gate Partners, a global executive search firm that is private-equity backed, tech-enabled, and rapidly expanding worldwide, today announced that Saurabh Gupta has joined the firm as Chief Digital Officer (CDO). Based in Boston, he will be responsible for defining the strategy and technical vision of the firm. Saurabh’s

Francesca d’Arcangeli Joins Kingsley Gate Partners as COO

d’Arcangeli to Support Executive Search Firm’s International Expansion London – September 21, 2022– Kingsley Gate Partners, a global executive search firm that is private-equity backed, tech-enabled, and rapidly expanding worldwide, today announced that Francesca d’Arcangeli has joined the firm as Chief Operating Officer (COO). Based in London, she will be responsible for worldwide operations.Francesca’s focus

Ivan Lim Joins Kingsley Gate Partners as Senior Partner

Global Executive Search Firm Expands its Expertise in Life Sciences London – 1 August 2022 – Kingsley Gate, the leader in global executive search focused on building technologies to ensure you have better and faster search results through its proprietary framework, Synchronous Fit, today announced that Ivan Lim has joined the firm as Senior Partner. He

GattiHR Members join Kingsley Gate Partners

Tech Enabled Global Executive Search Firm Expands Its Human Resources, Industrial and Supply Chain footprint New York – August 10, 2022 – Kingsley Gate Partners, the private equity-backed global tech-enabled executive search firm that is in the midst of rapid worldwide expansion announced that several key members of GattiHR will be joining the firm. They will


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