Hunt Scanlon Media’sLarge Language Models in Private Equity: Strengths & Limitations

December 14th - 12:00pm EST

Join Hunt Scanlon Media on December 14th for an intriguing webinar on the impact of generative AI in the private equity sector. Our focus will delve into how large language models are optimizing data collection and analysis, enhancing portfolio ops, and streamlining compliance for private equity firms. 

This engaging conversation will provide insight from key industry leaders. These representatives will provide valuable insights on the current changes in the private equity industry driven by emerging technologies.

We will be joined by the CEO and CTO of the Y-Combinator startup, AiFlow, which recently completed a successful investment round to grow and expand its platform. 

Discussion aspects we will explore include:

  • The role of generative AI in data collection and analysis in the private equity sector.
  • Data Ownership – How AI influences the storage, capture, and ownership of data in the PE industry.
  • Fine-tuning AI models for specific use-cases; 
  • The significance of AI in enhancing deal sourcing and portfolio ops;

Our panelists will also be open to answering questions from attendees. Be part of this vibrant discussion. 


Nick Manske

CEO & Cofounder

Nick Manske is the CEO & co-founder of AiFlow, a specialized CRM platform designed for private equity firms. Prior to his role at AiFlow, Nick co-founded and served as CTO at Alariss Global, a VC-backed startup using NLP to match overseas B2B SaaS companies with U.S. salespeople. His journey extends beyond the private sector, as he also served as a U.S. diplomat in technology & economic affairs. Nick did his studies at Harvard College and INSEAD.

Josh Gardner

Chief Technology Officer

Josh Gardner is chief technology officer at AiFlow, a specialized CRM tool designed for private equity firms. In this role, he shapes the technological landscape of AiFlow, a platform that utilizes Large Language Models to automate contact updates and deploys advanced AI search algorithms.

Josh brings a wealth of experience to this role, having previously served as the head of engineering at Alariss Global, where he led significant engineering initiatives for a global enterprise. His academic contributions include serving as an instructor in the Department of Computer Science at Princeton University.

Reasons to Attend

Come virtually network with hundreds of PE talent leaders and executive recruiters