Hunt Scanlon Media’sAvoiding Bad C-Suite Hires in Private Equity Portfolio Companies

April 4th

Making a bad C-suite hire is the biggest risk facing any portfolio company.  Besides wasting compensation, a mis-hire in the C-suite can result in strategy mistakes, broken processes and poor employee morale. 

But even worse for a private equity portfolio company, a bad C-suite hire consumes precious execution runway, the time that the company should be implementing the value creation plan. 

That means even one bad C-suite hire can increase the hold period or even derail the investment thesis entirely.

This webinar will explore the latest best practices for mitigating the risk of making a C-suite mis-hire:

  • The rising importance of talent and human capital as the chief lever of value creation and the resulting market dynamics. 
  • Private equity industry talent trends and, in particular, how the timing of leadership changes affects an investment thesis.
  • Securing leadership placement guarantees to reduce the risk of talent disruption.
  • Using behavioral assessment techniques for yielding deeper insight into how a leader will perform in a role.

There will be an opportunity for audience members to put their questions to panel members and join the conversation. 

Stay tuned for speaker announcements!

9 Reasons to Attend

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