Three Recruiting Firms Using Uncuffed as a Competitive Advantage

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Elisa Sheftic, President & Managing Director, Right Executive Search
Elisa Sheftic, President & Managing Director, Right Executive Search
When someone sent Elisa Sheftic an Uncuffed report, she saw it as a “no-brainer.” Her firm, Right Executive Search, focuses on sourcing mid- to c-level executives in financial services, retail and professional services. That said, it is not unusual that other types of companies tap Elisa for her sourcing expertise. “The first report was extremely helpful, because it wasn’t an industry that we tend to focus on,” said Elisa. “The information helped me to figure out how to best market the company’s story and the competition.”

Before discovering Uncuffed, one of Right’s recruiters would do the research. “Your reports are even more in depth than what we were doing,” shared Elisa. “We need to know the company’s full story to market to passive candidates effectively. It’s the perfect amount of information. It’s well organized. It really makes you able to have an intelligent conversation about the value proposition of the role and company.”

Elisa uses our standard reports, which she buys in special NPA four-packs at a discount. “It’s benefits vs. costs. For the price, it’s a no-brainer,” said Elisa.

How did that first report turn out? “We placed someone there,” Elisa said. “The report really helped us understand the company was on a new growth track with new owners. It gave us an added edge.”

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