Recruitment Research

Avrio AI takes the fit analysis a step further by passing all the extracted data points through its knowledge layer to understand relationships between skills, experiences, education, etc. The knowledge layer acts like a super recruiter that has experience across every domain and has a holistic understanding of everything in the jobs universe. Lastly, its platform uses a chatbot, called Rio, to extract or clarify any missing requirements from qualified candidates. Any relevant information gathered between the chatbot and candidate conversation is resolved back to the same central Knowledge Graph. Avrio learns from each screening, which improves its ability to have human like conversations and to optimize a candidate Fitscore. Avrio AI is your solution to candidate qualifying.

Practice members

Shannon Bradley Head of Customer Success Bio
Todd Buffum Head of Product Bio
Jessica Demmer Marketing Manager Bio
Deb Jerome Chief HR Officer Bio
Nachi Junankar CEO & Founder Bio
Richard Mallah Head of AI Bio
Srinath Narasimhan Head of Engineering Bio
Jeff Paquette Director of Global Sales Bio