Vanessa Winter

Talent Hunter (aka: Executive Recruiter)

Vanessa Winter joined SmoochUnplugged LLC in August 2021 based on her interest in leveraging her IR career experience by collaborating with companies to solve key human capital challenges in the IR functional area. Her 15-year tenure in the corporate IR and IR agency arenas working across the technology industry serves as a solid foundation to initiate a career in executive search.

Prior to her investor relations career, Vanessa served as a Wall Street sell-side research associate focusing in the consumer and lodging sectors. Through her blended experience, she has been able to intimately understand the investor relations position, the expectations of management and the investment community, and has a natural affinity for evaluating talent.

Areas of Expertise
• Investor Relations Officer search (and all direct reports) across all industries.
• Chief Communications Officer search (and all direct reports into that function).

Vanessa has a BA in Public Policy with a minor in Psychology from Duke University.