Tiffany J. Schifley

Operations Manager

Tiffany J. Schifley is the Operations Manager at Rigsby Search Group, LLC. Tiffany brings 10+ years of experience working directly in the Environmental and Engineering consulting arena. She has been an essential part of working with the Founder of RSG in helping to grow and build client/candidate relationships within the industry.

Since joining RSG, Tiffany has moved more upwardly as a Recruiter and understands the importance of making just the right matches that will fit everyone’s needs. She is an out-of-the-box thinker and consistently challenges herself to learning more about the needs of the environmental and engineering consulting industry.

Tiffany is an active member of her church and has been a Youth Leader and Head of coordinated and producing numerous church productions. Tiffany and her family currently reside in Northeast Connecticut.
Prior to joining RSG, Tiffany has been in the Recruitment industry for 10+ years. She has implemented new processes from inception to finish that were of value in quality, quantity and cost effectiveness. She has received numerous awards throughout her career including “Customer Service” and “Process Quality Improvement” Award and continues to learn the most she can in everything she does.