Stefanie Johns

Executive Recruiter

Stefanie was born and raised in upstate, NY. After HS, she moved to Pennsylvania where she attended Marywood University. Her area of study was Advertising and Public Relations. She participated in many different clubs; TV-Marywood, The Wood Word magazine, the Honors Club, and was a DJ for the campus radio station 91.7 VMFM Your Alternative! After college, Stefanie moved back to NY for work. Shortly after she moved to Charlotte, NC on a whim. She had never been to Charlotte before making the move but heard about the thriving economy and how young and beautiful the city was. She found a job and an apartment online, packed up her belongings and never looked back! She has lived in Charlotte for 4 years now, and has never been happier! She went from having no connections to having a great job, a beautiful home, and a wonderful group of friends.

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