Smooch Repovich Reynolds

Managing Director

Smooch Repovich Reynolds joined ZRG Partners at the end of 2017, bringing with her a career that spans more than 25 years of executive search consulting, specifically focused in the Global Investor Relations Officer and Chief Communications Officer functional areas. Smooch pioneered IR executive search as a direct result of her affinity for the capital markets, and has partnered with CEOs and CFOs to address corporate valuation issues and financial market expectations throughout her career. As the profession and financial markets have evolved dramatically the last two decades, she has served as a key influencer of the direction of the Investor Relations profession through her stewardship with client management teams.

In addition, her thought leadership in the Corporate Communications functional niche has been framed by her tenure as a former Chief Communications Officer and her broad participation in the global communications community. Smooch has leveraged this first-hand experience to partner with leadership teams providing guidance by framing corporate communications functions, and by serving as a gateway to exceptional talent whose corporate brand innovation experience has elevated her client companies to new heights of success.

She is considered a leading authority on the intangible leadership traits that define talent who are recognized as part of the top 10% of Investor Relations and Chief Communications Officers globally. Her executive search experience has spanned partnerships with management teams and Boards at organizations ranging in size from pre-IPO entities to global, multinational Fortune 500 market leaders, across all industry sectors.

Having completed approximately 300 Investor Relations Officer searches, one consideration to note about Smooch’s work is the increase in her clients’ share valuation during her tenure as a recruitment management team advisor – nearly $500B in increased valuation that she has contributed to as a direct result of her commitment to clients on the topic of recruiting the right talent.

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