Peter Buytaert

Managing Partner, Cornerstone Brussels

Peter Buytaert builds on more than 25 years of international executive management, human resources leadership and executive search experience,of which 12 years were spent in China and 14 years in various locations in the Far East (Hong Kong, Tokyo, Manila, Kuala Lumpur and Seoul).

He is currently Managing Partner of Cornerstone Brussels, which specializes in assisting its clients to build responsible senior global leadership teams.

Peter is also co-founder of GLO (Good Leaders Online), an innovative boutique providing executive leadership and culture development platforms and assisting firms in cultural transformation and organizational development. He has coached and mentored both global and Asia-regional CEOs in various sectors (pharma, aerospace, FMCG, automation, luxury goods, etc.).

From 2007 thru 2010 he served as Chairman of the Benelux Chamber of Commerce (Bencham) of Shanghai ( Prior to his entrepreneurial career, Peter was President Asia for Agfa, as well as Managing Director of various country organizations in the region.

He followed an undergraduate program of Law prior to graduating with a Master in Commercial Engineering (“Handelsingenieur”) at Catholic University of Leuven (Brussels Campus) and followed the INSEAD Advanced Management Program, as well as Strategic Business Economics Program at the University of Asia and the Pacific in Manila.