Noelle Stevens

Associate Partner

Noelle joined The Millard Group in 2006 with more than a decade of experience in staffing, training and management.

Noelle credits her success in recruiting to listening meticulously to the needs of her clients and the career aspirations of her candidates, and considering not only skills and background but also company culture, chemistry, and “DNA” to ensure the perfect fit. The driver of any search is the need to solve a business problem or fulfill a business need. From the very beginning, Noelle is probing and strategizing with her clients to ultimately define that problem or need. When this is coupled with her successful recruitment techniques, Noelle has the unique ability to create and nurture successful partnerships and outcomes for her clients time and time again.

Noelle recruits globally, building relationships and networking daily throughout the networking and broadband industries to assess market trends and provide additional value to her clients. In her “spare time”, Noelle is an amateur horse show competitor and attends various horse shows on the East Coast.