Mike Ganly

Search Consultant


With a degree in finance and economics, combined with a hobby for economic predictions, this man is all about the numbers. He likes to play with them, he knows them, and if you have a finance question, he’s your man.

After graduating from Indiana State University Mike went to work in the world of banking, helping branches in transition, as well as running a bank in Illinois. Banking then lead to insurance where Mike put his love for numbers to good use, earning him huge rewards and eventually, his own insurance agency. After some successful years he sold his company and we were lucky enough to be hanging around at just the right moment. Mike joined the Protis Global family in 2004 heading up our Banking Division where he works to bring solutions to the problems that he used to face once upon a time.

On his days off you’ll find him hanging out with his wife and four kids, and generally making everyone feel better.

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