Michael Evers

Practice Leader - Hospitality

Possibly the most resourceful person in our house, you can always rely on this man to make the best out of any situation. Graduating with a degree in finance in 2007 was the ultimate bad situation, but having run his own small business throughout university, providing service staff for private parties and corporate events, he was in the perfect position to springboard his career. Michael threw himself into the hospitality industry and opened, ran, and developed full service independent restaurants and craft cocktail bars. He’s incredibly passionate about delivering an unforgettable experience, so unforgettable that we couldn’t’ help but notice him, and he agreed to come and set up the hospitality division of Protis Global. No one understands hospitality like someone who has come from the industry, and Michael is committed to using his knowledge and experience to revolutionize the hospitality space.

If you ever need him, head to the largest body of water and you’ll find Michael fishing, probably on a paddle board.

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