Max Resnik

Medical Cannabis Practice Leader

Max Resnik is DRI’s Medical Cannabis Practice Leader. He is one of the top executive recruiters and HR consultants in the U.S. cannabis and hemp industry . To discuss a recruiting assignment or to apply for a cannabis industry job, call him at 440-754-3440 or email him at

He works with U.S. cannabis industry employers to provide staffing, recruitment services, research services and human resource management assistance.

Max finds candidates for important positions with cannabis producers and firms that sell ancillary products and services. DRI specializes in recruiting employees for craft cannabis clients that provide connoisseur level cannabis products.

Max Resnik joined the Direct Recruiters team as Medical Cannabis Practice Leader, working closely with Partner, Norm Volsky and the Digital Health recruiting team. As a medical cannabis recruiter, Max is taking the opportunity in this rapidly growing space to effect positive change for both large, established companies and companies that are just getting a foothold in the industry.

The DRI Medical Cannabis team understands that for companies to thrive, talented people with specific knowledge of the state-by-state nuances will need to be in leadership positions. The cannabis industry is unique and unlike any other industry today, so Max strives to approach it with an open mind, ready to learn from the people who’ve already found success in the field. Max performs robust searches to match candidates aiming to advance their careers in this industry with leading organizations.

Prior to joining DRI, Max had the opportunity to live in cities across the country as a three-time Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist. The stories Max told are wide-ranging, from standing on front lines of wildfires and chasing tornadoes, to interviewing elected officials and covering government hearings. He previously lived and reported/anchored in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Sacramento, California. Max has a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University.

Outside of his work at Direct Recruiters, Max enjoys playing with his young daughter, going on hikes with his wife and daughter and going on trips that involve nature. He loves music and is a huge collector of vinyl. Max also loves to read history and non-fiction books and has a dog named Jade.