Lucas Henriksen

Principal + Owner

  • Tel: 612-875-0530

As principle and co-founder of Grey Search + Strategy, Lucas has successfully filled roles spanning a multitude of industries, capacities and levels, including CEO, COO, vice president, director, manager, national, regional and local sales, professional operations/production, logistics, engineering, quality, human resources and finance.

Lucas enjoys digging into each clients’ unique business, their culture and employment gaps, and is driven to connect a client’s unique story with a candidate that perfectly aligns with it.

In his spare time, Lucas enjoys traveling with his wife, their two kids and their two dogs. As an avid sports fan, he enjoys power sport riding, boating, golf, winter sports and following Minnesota sports.

Lucas grew up in Gaylord, MN as part of an entrepreneurial family. In 1976, his parents founded a farm and fleet store, where Lucas started working at age 7, mopping floors, price-tagging items, mowing, and loading softener salt—all with the vision of being the store manager.

Lucas graduated from the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities with a B.S. in Applied Economics. His career began in sales, where he was repeatedly recruited by competitors.

Lucas met Alissa when she was in recruiting. Their shared entrepreneurial spirit led to them starting their own search firm in 2008, which they built on providing a deeper level of strategy and service than any competitors were offering.