Lewis Samuels

Senior Client Partner & Founder

“All my experiences over the years have taught me the only important thing in life is choosing to surround yourself with the right people.” Good company is the key to everything for Lewis Samuels. After all, as the founder of Morgan Samuels Lewis believes that the most important thing for success in life and business are the people you choose to spend time with. That rare perspective on relationships has led to a long and fulfilling career of leading the industry in executive search.

A former Army officer, Lewis also had roles in process design, construction and, eventually, sales and business line management as a partner in predecessor firms before launching Morgan Samuels in 1969.

More than just remarkable ambition and a goal-oriented mentality, Lewis has a driving passion for helping organizations thrive by aligning the right talent with a company’s needs and culture—a passion that has propelled countless organizations forward for half a century.

Having led our global practice in the UK for 17 years, conducted senior technical and management searches for clients in oil and gas, conventional and nuclear power, engineering design, infrastructure, construction, mining, and pharmaceutical all across the globe—and having managed over 1,000 searches for general management, sales and marketing, project management, finance, and human resources in the Americas, the Middle East, and Asia—Lewis’ experience is incomparable. And thanks to his work ethic and dynamic skillset, he has become one of the most highly esteemed specialists in executive compensation and competitive analysis consulting, as well as a leading executive search professional in the engineering and construction sector. To his team, he is a titan of the industry—and a truly inspiring leader.

Lewis holds an MBA from St. John’s University and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from New York University.

A proud grandpa with three children and four grandchildren, Lewis dances his way through life—literally—and can often be found setting sail to cruise international waters with his wife.