Lee Bartmanis

Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, Lee Bartmanis oversees the financial and operational aspects of RM Nephew and Associates LLC. He also leads the team that is responsible for the administrative details of each search project. Lee and his diligent team keep our searches moving at a rapid pace, helping to reduce the overall recruiting timeline. His training in the executive search business and intuitive business sense allow him to anticipate a project’s needs and ensure smooth execution of our recruiting strategies. Additionally, Lee is actively involved in the relationship-building side of our business. His commitment to superior customer service has made him a valued resource for our clients and candidates. Lee’s experience includes administrative and office management roles at two retained executive search firms, David Brooke Associates and Isaacson, Miller. Previously, he spent six years as a project manager with the Learning and Skills Council in London, where he specialized in data collection, budget planning and contract management. Lee earned a master’s and a bachelor’s degree in classical history and archaeology from the University of Liverpool in the UK.