Justine Gallen

Founder & Partner

Justine Gallen, a founder and Partner at Executive Search Leaders, has a 20-year accomplished career in retained executive search. She spent nine years at Hogarth Davies Lloyd in London, specialising in international searches for investment banks with a fixed income focus, before running her own executive research consultancy. Justine originally joined Nick Workman in 2012, working in executive search and assessment services for retained search and leadership consulting firms, and now acts as Head of Research for Executive Search Leaders.

“We formed ESL to challenge the perception of our sector. Our aim is to continue to work more closely with all our clients, assisting them with everything from acquisitions, extensive strategic business build-outs and identifying specific individuals at Partner level, helping to then influence these individuals to join our clients. At ESL, we work as a fully integrated team and are all integral to every stage of the search process, meaning all our clients benefit from our collective experience within this sector.”