Joe Screnci

Managing Director Asia Pacific

Joe Screnci, an industry veteran, has managed search operations in APAC and Europe. Managing Director APAC, he is the man in the East.
Building enterprise value, sustainability and shareholder returns by encouraging innovation, creating agility, embracing digital transformation, communicating a clear strategic vision, developing environments conducive to high performance and engagement, identifying and executing mergers & acquisitions that add value and developing high performance multicultural teams is what I enjoy doing.

I see myself as a catalyst of change, builder of value and an enabler of others to achieve peak performance. I am also a vocal advocate for women in business, embracing diversity and equity, promoting equal opportunity and protecting human rights. In particular, I am determined to make a difference to those who are underprivileged or disadvantaged and am passionate about charitable causes and philanthropy.

My expertise is in corporate advisory services such as executive search, human capital management, leadership development, enterprise learning, recruitment process outsourcing, business restructuring and turnaround, creating high performance teams, financial analysis, strategic analysis, business valuation, mergers/acquisitions/IPOs, start-ups and managing multicultural businesses in the Asia Pacific Region, Europe and the USA.

My experience includes both Executive and NED positions on corporate and NFP Boards in the Asia Pacific and Europe.