Jim Hotaling

Regional Director, East Africa

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Lanre oversees N2Growth’s activities in West Africa, as well as serves as Senior Partner and Head of the Financial Services Practice Group in sub-Saharan Africa for N2Growth Africa. He is responsible for providing advisory and senior level recruitment for Investment Banking and Private Equity clients, as well as Banking and Insurance. Prior to the merger with N2Growth Lanre was a director for the Landelahni Group.

Lanre’s executive search experience spans a wide variety of sectors and functional areas, and he has built particular expertise in managing complex and highly sensitive international search mandates. Prior to returning to Africa, Lanre was based in the UK where he spent 10 years working with clients in the UK and central Europe across financial services.

He also had, and continues to have, a significant focus working with companies with an investment and growth agenda in Africa to identify Africans in the Diaspora as well as local talent.

Lanre is a dual Nigerian/British citizen and is also focused on developing business across the West African region.

Lanre has a Bachelors degree in Media & Communication.