Jennifer Schissel

Director of Finance and People

As one of the few Arizona-natives, my background started by wearing the Xavier gator plaid skirt, then off to the University of Arizona as a wildcat (bear down!). I got my ‘accountancy’ feet wet in the Audit department of the Deloitte (and Touche at the time) Phoenix office. I recently spent 6.5 years at Keap (formerly Infusionsoft), ending as the Manager of Commissions and Accounts Receivable. When I became a people leader, that is when I found fulfillment and a deeper “why” of what I can bring to a team. I must care; it’s just in my bones.

Y Scouts has felt like home since day one. Our purpose of connecting people to work that matters speaks to me on a personal level, as I truly believe one can be happy in their job if you find the right mutual fit that goes deeper than a skill set and job description. I am tickled that a role in finance and people exists. As the Director of Finance and People, I work diligently to lead the Growth Enablement efforts of Y Scouts. I support our fearless crew members to crush goals in a delightful, positive, trusting environment, so our people don’t have to worry about the finances. I strive for a smooth, hiccup-free experience during each search, while building upon the already influential culture that is deeply rooted in our four core values. I feel genuinely blessed, honored, and humbled to work alongside such intelligent, eager to learn, fun individuals. It brings me great joy to know we are helping top-quality leaders find their home in a purpose-driven workplace, just as I have.

A little more about Jennifer:

  • I am an Excel Trainer by night
  • I’m a gold medalist Irish dancer
  • I’ve eaten raw horse, chicken and pufferfish/fugu
  • Love anything outdoors (camping, hiking, running, traveling)
  • The Strength Finder Achiever in me welcomes a good challenge
  • Working toward becoming a Les Mills Body Pump instructor
  • I’ll answer to Jen, Jenny, Jennifer, even Jenny from the Block and Fo’ Shizzle
  • I wake up on the right side of the bed almost every day
  • Next on the bucket list: great white shark diving
  • Multipliers is my favorite leadership book thus far, and I strive to live it out daily. Winning the Multiplier Award is one of my favorite acknowledgments.
  • I genuinely see the best in people and am curious about learning who they are and how I can help them live that out.