Heather Campion

Managing Director, Connected Leadership Practice; Marketing & Communications

Heather Campion is a Managing Director for Koya Partners, part of Diversified Search Group. Campion manages the Connected Leadership practice, which provides strategic consulting for leaders to help them build more meaningful reputations around their larger purpose. This includes developing and connecting them with influential networks and building affinity with key stakeholders in order to achieve greater impact and business success.

Campion has broad experience at the highest levels of public, private, and nonprofit institutions. She has expertise in public affairs, including media and communications, marketing sponsorships, charitable giving, and government relations.

A recognized leader in women’s advancement throughout her career, Campion is past president of the Massachusetts Women’s Forum, serves on the board of the Massachusetts Conference for Women, and is a senior adviser to the Women in Leadership program at the Institute of Politics at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

Campion was the first woman to serve as CEO of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation, and subsequently founded and led Mount Vernon Strategies. Previously, she spent many years in banking. She served as Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Citizens Financial Group, and later took on the role of Chief Administrative Officer at Northeast Bancorp, where she co-founded ableBanking, an innovative online savings division with a charitable affinity program.

Campion began her career in politics and government, first serving in the Carter White House and subsequently joining Harvard’s Kennedy School, where she held many leadership positions throughout its early development. She was the Kennedy School’s first Director of Public Liaison, and, early on, helped build the Center for Business and Government. She also led the JFK Jr. Forum and was Associate Director of the Institute of Politics.

Campion has served on numerous private and nonprofit boards and currently is on the boards of Harvard’s Institute of Politics, AAA Northeast, and on the President’s Advisory Boards of the Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Partners Health Care.