Dr. Thelma Lazo Flores

Executive Search Consultant

Dr. Thelma Lazo-Flores brings broad career experience in academia, professional design practice, and international exposure in higher education settings. Through her extensive roles as an academic leader and faculty member, she conveys the holistic approach in identifying talented educators suitable for the evolving challenges at both public and private institutions.

From her lengthy design practice, she recognizes the merits of interdisciplinary interactions, inclusivity in a diverse workplace, and the rigor in mission-driven organizations that contribute to the search process. Further, her global orientation and higher education exposure also cover a wide array of undertakings that complement the comprehensive selection of the finest talents for academic settings.

In addition to her commitment at ACES, she remains active in online teaching, design research, and creative scholarship. A contributing member in various professional organizations, she obtained her Ph.D. in Design Science and Planning from Chiba University, Japan.