David J. Gurchiek


David J. Gurchiek, PhD, joined Myers McRae as a consultant in 2020. He brings extensive experience in higher education, especially in two-year colleges and academic programs.

Dr. Gurchiek has served 24 years in the Montana University System, where he is recognized for his energetic leadership style in two-year higher education. Over his career, he has served as dean, associate dean, department chair (nursing, health, public safety), faculty/program director, state faculty union vice president, and academic senator.

Dr. Gurchiek started his academic career at City College, Montana State University Billings an embedded two-year college formerly named the College of Technology. During this period, he was instrumental in developing a variety of health and public safety associate degree programs, apprenticeships, and dual-credit opportunities, as well as building 2+2 degree pathway options for the university.

Dr. Gurchiek then became the dean of Highlands College of Montana Tech, a comprehensive two-year college embedded within Montana Technological University, a highly recognized science, technology, engineering, and math university consistently ranked among the best return on investment institutions in the nation. Today, he is focusing his attention on collaboration between Montana’s two-year colleges and the advancement of two-year education in Montana.

He holds a master’s degree in healthcare from California College for Health Sciences and a Ph.D. in Human Services, with a focus in public safety, from Capella University.