Cathy Leonard

Senior Consultant

A seasoned Human Resources professional, during the first 15 years of her career Cathy worked throughout Canada in the oil and gas industry.  She has provided strategic guidance and counsel to executives and leadership teams across multiple business lines including operations, development, refining, sales and professional services, on all facets of human resources as well as financial analysis and auditing.

A strategic thinker with strong interpersonal skills, what sets Cathy apart is her ability to look beyond the obvious and ask probing questions to pinpoint significant issues and opportunities.  Having led national recruitment and diversity and inclusion portfolios for 4 Canadian companies, she is well known for strategically leveraging human capital opportunities to support broader business goals.

As a senior consultant in the St. John’s office, Cathy draws on her experience coaching managers and individuals through significant changes and challenging circumstances to support and guide Career Transition clients.  Cathy is an ethical and caring individual, and these traits come through in all interactions. This consistent approach givers her a lot of credibility, so when she gives any message, even a difficult one, it is met with confidence and acceptance.   Additionally, as a professional who has “off-ramped” and subsequently “on-ramped” in her career, Cathy is especially attuned to the advancement of diverse individuals and those navigating non-linear careers.

Today, Cathy loves working in her consulting practise, helping organizations develop diverse workforces and inclusive workplace cultures.

  • Financial Services
  • Professional Services