Caroline Cubbage

Associate Director of Recuriting

Caroline Cubbage is much more than a Recruiting Leader at Search Solution Group, she is one of the best judges of character in the company. Caroline is known for her aggressive and passionate style when it comes to presenting a candidate to a client. When Caroline truly believes a candidate is the best option for one of our clients she is not afraid to let that fact be known. Clients love the fact that Caroline takes such an interest in the process and more than often they agree with her judgment. If you are looking for a “doer “, Caroline’s proactive recruitment style is for you. If you feel your area of expertise is too niche think again. Caroline has placed top talent in Sales, Engineering, Security, Maintenance, and Accounting roles all across the country. She works with each candidate to find out what makes them stand out and eloquently conveys that to the client, making it almost impossible to say no. Oh, and if you need help vamping up your resume or preparing for your interview, Caroline can make a Mustang sound like a Maserati!

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