Carolina Morales

Market Research Intern

Carolina Morales is a Market Research Intern at Talento Human Capital Management (HCM).

In this role, Carolina is responsible for completing projects that tie to Talento’s strategic business direction. The projects she participates in will provide exposure to senior management and multiple functional areas. Assignments can include projects in areas such as talent management, total rewards, recruiting & staffing, change management, organizational development or design, and various other areas requiring human resources expertise. Interns will be expected to gain an in-depth understanding of the critical issues, decision-making, and project management skills.


Currently, Carolina is a junior at the University of Miami graduating in May 2022, from Miami Herbert Business School, with a double major in Organizational Leadership and Entrepreneurship.


Carolina is a creative and strategic thinker who excels in environments with a strong emphasis on green, innovative cultured organizations.