Butch Hawking

Vice President - Executive Search

Joining StevenDouglas as a Vice President in Executive Search, Butch Hawking brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience in Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Search. He is an expert at building leadership, management, and executive teams in this niche. Butch’s mastery of this critical specialty area gives him deep connections across all facets of his domain expertise and strategic imperatives, including but is not limited to: CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing, & Controls), Technical Operations, Process Development, Supply Chain, Drug Product, Drug Substance, Analytical Development, Upstream, Downstream, Formulation, Quality Control/Assurance, Information Technology/Information Security, Finance, & Regulatory Affairs.

Butch is a “relationship first” Executive Search professional who makes and takes the time to care on the front end, thus ensuring successful client outcomes. Butch sets himself apart by always being prepared and being able to communicate decisively with his clients and candidates. Butch also brings an impressive track record of success, continually topping the charts in his previous roles and maintaining long-term relationships with both clients and candidates.

Butch received his Bachelor’s degree at the United States Air Force Academy, and his Master’s degree in Sports Administration from the University of Northern Colorado. Butch is a big believer in giving back and supporting worthy programs, making substantial donations to both the US Air Force Academy basketball program and Simi Valley HS basketball program in 2022. Butch is a former college basketball player at the US Air Force Academy and coach at Kansas State, who is still a point guard at heart. He loves and is passionate about changing lives and impacting companies through his recruiting efforts.