Bruce Robinson

VP Consulting

An innovative and bilingual security leader, Bruce has an extensive background in global security, technology, and leadership. His career extends over several areas, including cyber security, corporate security, and intelligence. Bruce worked his way up from an entry-level US government position to earn his seat at the corporate executive table, where he has transformed traditional security programs into business-enabling risk-based programs. Bruce has led the global security efforts for a multi-billion-dollar energy company, where his security program saved hundreds of millions of dollars and countless lives.

Growing up in Cincinnati, Bruce distinguished himself by learning Chinese (Mandarin) in elementary school and completing his undergraduate work in Political Science and East Asian Studies and graduate work in Chinese Studies. This focus positioned him for unique opportunities to serve in both government and international corporate positions over the past two decades.

Bruce is passionate about helping individuals and teams enhance the security and leadership strategies they need to succeed in any environment. When not working, Bruce enjoys photography, outdoor activities, community service, and reading.