Brian Kibby

Senior Partner, N2Growth

  • Tel: (224) 655-6054

Brian Kibby is the CEO of N2Ventures, N2Growth’s unit for serving the leadership and talent needs of private equity companies, venture capital firms, family offices, and hedge funds. Brian also serves as Senior Partner, Global Education, Technology, and Media. Brian has led successful teams across industries in public companies, PE and VC backed companies and closely-held family businesses. Brian has been a successful multi-time CEO and has served on several boards, including his current board role with Libsyn. He has been an individual investor, part of the buy-side, part of the sell-side, and is well versed in what it takes to win in rapidly growing technology-enabled companies.

Brian holds a B.S. in Finance, a certification in Executive Financial Leadership from the University of Chicago, and is a US Army veteran.