Bonnie Sharps

Managing Partner

Bonnie Sharps serves as managing partner in the Philadelphia office of DHR International.  She specializes in searches in Life Sciences, Healthcare Services and Advanced Technology sectors.

Bonnie began her search career with Ken Clark International, where she was responsible for business development and the placement of more than seventy executives across the Life Sciences, Healthcare, Technology and Industrial sectors.

Prior to that, Bonnie spent over 26 years with Shared Medical Systems (SMS) and Siemens Medical. There she rose through software implementation, account management and sales to become Regional Vice President. Later, as Vice President of Software Development, she directed more than 250 employees in building technology and infrastructures for product development. In addition, Bonnie led the SMS Year 2000 (Y2K) project for its worldwide clientele and product sets. She earned an Employee Excellence Award for her outstanding achievement.

In May 2000, Siemens bought SMS. Bonnie was one of only four SMS executives to serve on the international integration team overseeing the merger. Following the successful completion of the phase one integration several months ahead of schedule, Bonnie was promoted to General Manager over the Physician Office business. She was responsible for her division’s profit and loss and all product development, third-party product acquisition, sales, marketing, and professional and customer service performance.

In November 2002, Bonnie left Siemens to work with The Science Center, a Philadelphia incubator of startup companies. As an Executive In Residence spearheading the EIR program she helped to design, Bonnie assisted more than thirty emerging growth companies, helping them transform their enterprises and achieve higher levels of performance.

Bonnie then joined i3ARCHIVE Inc. as Vice President of Business Development and Marketing. Bonnie helped raise more than $1.2 million from angel investors, hired a sales team, designed marketing programs, and negotiated distribution and marketing contracts with GE and Siemens.

Bonnie has a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from Arcadia University and master’s degrees in business administration and healthcare administration from Temple University. In addition to her work with for-profit enterprises, Bonnie is active in the non-profit world: She is a member of the Dean’s Advisory Council of the Drexel School of Public Health, and an active member of the Forum of Executive Women.

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