Bob Galowich

Managing Director, Legal Recruiting Practice

Benefiting from an extensive legal network and entrepreneurial background, Bob excels at assisting law firms and law departments to achieve their talent acquisition objectives. Combining TriSearch’s comprehensive recruitment research and expertise engaging passive candidates with Bob’s legal and coaching background enables TriSearch to deliver quality candidates. Our focus is to help clients and candidates align their true intentions. Bob and his team’s assessment expertise helps ensure our candidates possess the required competencies and share the same values and priorities as our clients. Through Bob’s prior roles he has experienced and understands many of the strategic issues and decisions faced by his clients. Clients find value in working with someone who has a similar background and who, as a coach, has developed invaluable insights into company culture and individual competencies and personality. Prior to coaching and joining TriSearch Bob spent 30+ years in law, financial markets, and managing businesses. He earned an MBA from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management, a JD from University of Illinois College of Law, and a BS in Finance from University of Illinois. Bob trained at and received coaching certification from New Ventures West, an intensive and respected coaching program.

M&A Conference Info Sept 2021