Ashleigh Shulman


Ashleigh Shulman joined Buffkin/Baker in October of 2019 as an Administrative Associate in the New York office. In October 2020, Ashleigh was promoted to Associate working primarily in the Global Transformation sector. Ashleigh has a passion for helping people figure out what is best for them, whether that be helping a company figure out what kind of person they need to fill a position or helping a candidate figure out what they need in their next role.

Prior to joining Buffkin/Baker, Ashleigh spent the beginning of her career working in property management in both commercial and residential. While these industries may seem incredibly different, Ashleigh is able to transfer many skills from one to the other, including her strong attention to detail and organization. Ashleigh attributes much of her success to the fact that she truly enjoys interacting with people and listens to understand needs of everyone involved.

Born in Mobile, Alabama and raised in New Jersey, her last 8 years have been spent living in Manhattan, though she will be venturing back to the Gulf Coast and moving to St. Pete in early 2021. When she’s not working, Ashleigh enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling the world trying new food and wine, as well as a newfound appreciation for running outside (which is one of the perks she is looking forward to down Florida).