Anna Nesterchuk

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Business Active

Anna is a co-founder and managing partner of Business Active, Cornerstone’s member partner in the Ukraine, located in Kyiv.

She obtained her master’s degree in Russian Philology and psychology at the Cherkasy University in Ukraine. She is responsible for all operating activity of company in Ukraine, relationships with clients and business partners and financial results.

Anna personally leads major projects and her working experience covers business within the agriculture, retail, consumer market, logistics and telecom sectors with a focus on functional responsibility for CEO, HR, marketing and sales positions.

She has a wide network of contacts in different industries as well as several years of experience as HRD in large Ukrainian companies prior to co-founding Business Active in 2008.

Anna considers the success in recruitment is based on understanding common values shared by the client and the candidate and being able to define them. She takes a long-term approach to recruiting and is constantly looking past the recruitment process to the future value at stake.

Anna speaks English, Russian and Ukrainian.