Angèle Bubna

Consultant, Executive Search

Angèle brings a dynamic spirit and relational connectedness to every search. She contributes to the Executive Search team’s work through executing targeted research, networking and sourcing, and implementing creative strategies to match an organization with its best candidate. She enjoys building relationships and seeing the variety of ways that different nonprofits are promoting human dignity and flourishing.

Angèle was born in Western Africa, and was raised in several countries including Côte d’Ivoire, Sénégal, Mali, and Burkina Faso. This multicultural upbringing in the Global South as well as her high contact with international NGO communities first sparked her interest in the nonprofit sector. When she transitioned back to the US, Angèle attended Wheaton College where she studied English. Angèle is also a Certified Diversity and Inclusion Recruiter.

Angèle loves tutoring and mentoring young students, traveling to new and familiar places, talking about the effects of globalization, and hosting dinner parties for friends, family, and anyone else who is willing to try her food.