Alexandra Catuara

Senior Consultant, Executive Search

Alexandra “Alex” Catuara brings a distinctive blend of international giving and a range of nonprofit experience to her executive search work at Campbell & Company. As a Senior Consultant, Alex partners with organizations and institutions to think through hiring decisions and draw out most important skills and experiences essential to the position, and ultimately, equips the nonprofit sector with capable, outstanding leaders. As a lifelong learner, she most enjoys listening to meaningful career stories and understanding everyone’s distinctive path. Deeply committed to empowering underrepresented leaders and new voices, she is a certified diversity recruiter.

Prior to her work at Campbell & Company, she worked in annual giving at Opportunity International, a global nonprofit that creates opportunities for entrepreneurs to build their businesses, children to go to school, farmers to feed their communities, and families to end the cycle of generational poverty.
Alex holds a B.A. in Spanish and Global Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, with a focus in international economic development. She completed her Spanish degree in Barcelona, Spain.