Not Actively Looking Announces Major New Features

LONDON, January 9, 2017 — Not Actively Looking, the career management platform for the senior executives and the executive search industry, today announced two important new features to improve the functionality for search firms and to help firms prepare for GDPR, the new General Data Protection Regulation which comes into force in May next year.

The first of these, Assignment Manager, allows search firms to do a number of things that can also be done today using LinkedIn Recruiter:

  1. Track candidates on an assignment from initial identification through to long-list.
  2. Email candidates directly via the platform.
  3. Save email templates for future use.
  4. Tag candidates or save Notes in a manner that will be compliant with GDPR.
  5. Export assignment lists to the search firm’s CRM provider.

Not Actively Looking is currently integrated with FileFinder and is in the process of integrating with other leading providers.

The second new feature, the Database Silo, will enable a search firm to upload the legacy database onto a dedicated private platform only accessible to that firm. Any firm adopting the Database Silo will be able to view candidate information from the Silo database as well as from the Not Actively Looking general database using a single interface.

Candidates uploaded to the Database Silo will be able to update their own records, a mandatory requirement under GDPR that will impact any search firms doing business in Europe. However, even for the search firms operating solely in the USA or elsewhere outside Europe, the Silo database enables all candidates to keep their own record up-to-date, thereby improving the quality of the data and saving time to the search firms.

About Not Actively Looking is a platform servicing executive search firms and senior executives alike. The platform enables the executives to share confidential information about career aspirations and requirements with selected executive search firms. The sophisticated search tool enables executives search firms to access up-to-date relevant information about executives. The platform was launched in April 2015 and is already working with over 100 retained executive search firms and thousands of executives.

Anthony Harling
Co-Founder, Not Actively Looking

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