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Can you influence exiting employees to bolster your employment brand?

As you may know, Mullin International and Hunt Scanlon Media are conducting a series of surveys to help fill in the gap of research on the topic of off-boarding. The key findings to date are:

– Management’s concerns and investments in off-boarding have escalated.

– Off-boarded employees’ impressions of companies are affected by the way they are treated as well as severance and outplacement offerings, which have been expanding recently.

– Keeping key positions filled with the right people has become increasingly more difficult, especially in technical jobs.

– The off-boarding process has widespread implications, especially to former employees’ perceptions of the employment brand, but also to the perceptions of prospective job candidates.

Our current survey, which only takes a minute or two, focuses on the risks that off-boarding presents, and how your company is managing those risks.

In exchange for your participation, we will send you the full report when the study concludes. We would greatly appreciate your participation.

We’d like your input.

Your Role:
 Leader of a functional HR area 
 HR business partner or generalist 
 Other HR (e.g., specialist, project manager) 
 Other non-HR 
Company Size:
 0-100 employees 
 100-1,000 employees 
 1,001-10,000 employees 
 Over 10,000 employees 
How much influence do you think off-boarded employees have over job candidates’ decisions to pursue employment with your company?
 Great influence 
 Some influence 
 Little to no influence 
Is the impression that exiting employees are giving about your company on social media platforms such as Glassdoor generally…
 Very favorable 
 Evenly split 
 Very unfavorable 
Compared to three years ago, has the effort (time and resources) your company is devoting to the off-boarding process…
 Stayed the same 
The risk that off-boarded employees pose to your company’s brand (e.g., by their feedback negatively affecting recruitment, investment, business development) is…
 Of great concern 
 Of moderate concern 
 Not a concern 
In your opinion, which three most significantly raise the risk of off-boarded employees damaging your company’s employment brand?
 Disagreement about the employee performance  
 Perceived unfairness in job termination decisions  
 Perceived lack of job opportunities 
 Perceived unfairness in severance  
 Little/no assistance with job search  
 Lack of dignity during the separation process 
In your opinion, how can companies reduce the risk of off-boarded employees expressing negative feedback on social media?

In your opinion, which three most significantly lower the risk of off-boarded employees damaging your company’s employment brand?
 Employee preparation for career transitions 
 Assistance with job search 
 Severance packages  
 Career development support 
 Performance management processes 
 Continuing benefits after job termination 
 Manager effectiveness at handling job termination 
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