When it comes to digital, media, entertainment, and sports, we have more choices than ever before. It wasn’t that long ago that it would have seemed outlandish to consider watching the Super Bowl on your phone as you sat on a bus; “talking” to your television, or having it know you so well that it could anticipate what you wanted to watch; storing a jukebox on your phone; or wearing a mini-computer as a stylish wristwatch. And yet we do all of these things today. And think little of it. But technology is changing far more than our leisure time. It’s also making demands: for top-notch leadership that can not only manage the shifting sands it creates, but that can anticipate the change coming around the bend, and the bend after that, and the bend after that. The demand for high-quality digital experiences is increasing; the competition for market share is fiercer than ever. In addition, the focus on culturally and linguistically relevant local content is critical to attracting consumer demand. Media, entertainment conglomerates, and sports bodies need leaders with the experience and perspective that will enable them to not only predict and adapt to consumers’ rapidly changing needs but also identify new revenue sources, too. Our team is comprised of seasoned recruiters with heavy industry experience at leading media and sports organizations, including the management of internal recruitment organizations in large media conglomerates. We know the talent marketplace of these industries and we are able to respond quickly to our clients’ needs. We excel at identifying executives who have the creativity, business acumen, and vision to lead the growth of your organization.

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