Quick Leonard Kieffer's association and non-profit practice recognizes that these organizations play an important part in our society, embodying its values and ideals and helping to turn passions into action. Associations and non-profits are unique in that they represent a collaboration of diverse stakeholders all working toward a common goal; as a result, firms that recruit leaders for these organizations should likewise demonstrate collaborative and inclusive practices. We are unique among executive search firms, with recruiters who are known for offering a highly personalized approach and the ability to build trusting, long-term partnerships – a team focus that has resulted in repeated successful placements of association and non-profit leaders. QLK has built a reputation among associations and non-profits across the nation for understanding the unique talent that is required for leaders of these organizations; they must be financially and operationally savvy to achieve membership growth and/or initiate transformation and must be able to navigate constantly changing public policy, but most importantly, these leaders must be able to maintain a focus on the crucial mission of their organization. Always directed by mission and vision, our firm is able to serve as a strategic resource to associations and non-profits, bringing the right talent to the table.