Financial Services

Financial Services and Banking companies are beginning to emulate and adopt new designs, technology, and methodologies to better serve customers across the world. FinTech companies are looking to fill the gaps between what financial services are currently offering and what the global consumer expects regarding convenience, user experience, and speed. As today's competitive market dynamically changes and the rules and regulatory laws are continually shifting, FinTech companies now more than ever need to have a team who can adapt accordingly. AC Lion stays at the forefront of Financial Technology by partnering with the shapers of the new digital economy to connect best-in-class talent to cutting-edge companies of all sizes. Our FinTech expertise ranges across all stages of the recruitment cycle, offering an in-depth qualification process for vetting candidates and a consultative and strategic approach for our clients. Understanding what separates a good candidate from the candidate you truly need to hire, AC Lion is your partner in long-term, people-driven success.

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