Data & Analytics

Data is fueling all aspects of business, from how we market ourselves to how we save lives and everything in between. With the endless sources of data entering your business and the lack of data analyst, scientist, and architects in the marketplace, the war for talent is at its fiercest. Your analyst hire is not only one of your most difficult, but possibly one of your most crucial hires for gauging information, maximizing ROI and driving decisions in your organization. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for your hire. That is where AC Lion's data analytics recruiters come in. We take a strategic and consolatory approach to our data analytics recruiting, delving into your business objectives and goals with this key hire. Our data analytics recruiters leverage an extensive network of talent across New York, Los Angeles, and other major metropolitan areas while tapping into analytic communities both on and offline. We evaluate more than merely the resumes of our candidates, examining their specific project files, contributions to the analytics community and more to ensure our talent is the best fit possible.

Practice members

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